More to Chew On: Chew Year's Resolutions

By The Chew Crew Jan 07, 2013

Do you tend to stray from your New Year’s resolutions? According to a recent Reuters study, you are not alone. Apparently, four out of five people will break their resolutions, and about one third of these New Year’s resolution setters let their goals fall by the wayside by the end of January. The most common goals are related to losing weight, quiting smoking, and spending more time with family, and these lofty expectations are often difficult to keep.

Rather than setting unrealistic goals, aim for smaller, more manageable ones. Outline your plans to achieve your goals, and check in with yourself every few weeks. We gaurantee that you will be more likely to stick with your resolutions if your plan ahead, than if you rely on will power alone. 

Do you plan to set resolutions this year? Do you think they're worthwhile? If so, how will you work on sticking to these goals all year long?