More to Chew On: Nine-Patty Burger

By The Chew Crew Feb 22, 2013

There are 9 films nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars. As you head to the theaters to check out all 9 flicks before the awards ceremony, we have the perfect dish to keep you well nourished for a day of marathon viewing. Meet the nine-patty burger! 

We kid you not, there is a restaurant chain debuting a nine-patty burger. Here, are its stats: 5,100 calories and 117 grams of saturated fat. To help you better conceptualize these numbers, the recommended daily calorie intake for a male and female of average height and weight is 2,000 calories, so consider yourself stuffed…literally. Between each succulent patty is a slice of good old American cheese and to finish it off, a dainty slice of tomato with a leaf of lettuce. Clocking in at just under $13, this hearty burger is without a doubt, a two-hander.