More to Chew On: Pie Stats

By The Chew Crew Feb 27, 2013

America loves pie. How much, you ask? According to the American Pie Council, Americans spend over $700 million dollars on store-bought pies each year! Satisfy your pie cravings with these useful pieces of trivia:

In the 1600s, America banned the eating of pie. True or False?

FALSE! Americans wouldn’t dream of such a thing, but don’t put it past the British! Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, declaring it a pagan form of pleasure! For a total of 16 years, British were banned from eating pie!

Grandma’s pie tastes better than store-bought pie. True or False?

FALSE! No need to go over the river and through the woods, because according to Schwan’s Consumer Survey, more people think store-bought pies trump grandma’s homemade pie. (Sorry, grandma!)

One third or Americans admit to having eaten pie in bed. True or False?

True! According to the American Pie Council, over one third of Americans admit to this guilty pleasure. A few crumbs never hurt anyone, right?