More to Chew On: Portion Control

By The Chew Crew Feb 05, 2013

Do you always save room for dessert? Or, is dessert a constant battle of restraint? As it turns out, dessert takes on both meanings for Kim Kardashian. According to the National Enquirer, the pregnant reality star has a serious sweet tooth. In fact, she always saves room for dessert, ordering the most extravagant sweet on the menu. So, how does she manage to stay fit? Kardashian takes just one bite of her dessert before drenching it in her drink. In an attempt to ward off second-bite cravings, Kardashian destroys a perfectly delicious piece of cake after her signature one mouthful. Is Kardashian on to something? Or, are there better ways to take control over how much you’re eating?

Here’s how our cohosts feel about dessert. Carla is an adamant dessert eater, always ordering dessert whenever she is out for dinner. Michael, however, is not particularly fond of dessert, though his wife, Liz, is a huge fan. Similarly, Mario’s wife, Suzy, is also very into her desserts, and will even base her entrée choice on the dessert selections. Daphne never turns down dessert, but she will order 1 to 2 desserts and share with her friends so they get a taste of something sweet without going overboard. Rather than destroying her dessert to make it seem unappealing, Daphne reminds herself that the second and third bites will always taste the same as the first, so there is no need to overindulge.

What is your stance on dessert? What tips do you have for controlling your dessert portions?