More to Chew On: Chocolate Gadgets!

By The Chew Crew Feb 07, 2013

Valentine’s Day is here and we’re loading up on chocolate.  Instead of digging into the regular chocolate treats we’re trying out some new chocolate gadgets.  Check them out.
Chocolate Flavored Envelopes
The United States Postal Service announced yesterday they will stop delivering mail on Saturdays but for the five days they are delivering, check out these new, flavored envelopes.  No one likes the taste of envelope glue, but now there’s a chocolate-y alternative.  They only cost $12.99 and are worth every lick.
Chocolate Chess Set
Li-lac Chocolates here in New York has made chess pieces and a chessboard entirely out of chocolate.  It takes them an entire day to hand craft each chess board.  Kill a pawn?  Guess you’ll have to eat it.
Chopper Topper
Looking for a great way to top off a dessert or dinner dish?  Try a cool layer of cocoa.  Just load the Chopper Topper with your favorite chocolate and crank away.  The base comes with a shaker lid to quickly convert it into a toppings dispenser.