More to Chew On: Deadly Bacon

By The Chew Crew Mar 11, 2013

Brunch’s hottest side dish is getting a bad rap. You may want to think twice before ordering these irresistibly salty strips again, because apparently bacon may be the latest death trap!

A study conducted by BMC Medicine linked the consumption of processed meats – including bacon, sausages, ham and prepared deli meats — to premature death from a range of causes, including heart disease and cancer. Researchers examined the diets of half a million people and found that those who consumed the most amounts of processed meat showed a slightly higher risk of death.

Hungry for more? Bacon isn’t the only thing to worry about! Check out these other unexpected death traps:

Chicken may contain arsenic and lead to death
Salad greens run the risk of containing E. coli
Flip flops may carry dangerous bacteria that can lead to death