More to Chew: Mexican Food Personality Test

By The Chew Crew Mar 13, 2013

Do you read your horoscope?  Now we have a new kind – a food horoscope based on your Mexican food preference.  Dr. Alan Hirsch from the Smell and Taste Research Foundation surveyed thousands of Americans and found that certain personality types prefer specific Mexican foods.  Find out for yourself what your favorite Mexican food says about you.
Taco: You are a perfectionist and an ideal worker.  You're the master of your domain and can become so engrossed in work that you're often forced to sacrifice time with friends and family.
Quesadilla: You are a dependable and true friend and are content with being one of the crowd. You don't require individual praise, but you sure do like to share your successes when you have them!
Burrito: You are dramatic and love being the center of attention. You crave novelty, excitement, and stimulation.  You're also seductive and flirtatious.
Nachos: You are shy, quiet, and reserved. You're most productive when you're allowed to work alone. You're also oblivious to what others think of you.