More to Chew On: Carla's Dip Tips

By The Chew Crew Mar 14, 2013

Today we’re celebrating everything dip related. From her catering days, Carla has mastered the art of creating the perfect dip.  To achieve this perfection she follows three simple rules.
Consistency Is Key
Some dips are better chunkier; some are better smooth. Always remember that is never too late to change the consistency of your dip. If your hummus is too chunky, put in some more liquid to loosen it up.
Don’t Run Out of Dippers
No matter how good a dip is, people can’t enjoy it if you have nothing to dip with! When you make a dip, make sure you have enough dippers and a variety of dippers.
Stay away from Flavored Chips
The flavor of a chip can compete with the flavors of the dip. Worry more about scoop-ability and less about the flavor of your chip.