More to Chew On: All About St. Patty's Day

By The Chew Crew Mar 15, 2013

St. Patty’s Day is almost here.  So, we’re taking a close look at some very Irish conundrums.

Was St. Patrick Actually Irish?

Though he spent much of his life working as a missionary in Ireland and is even associated with the shamrock, but St. Patrick was not born in Ireland.  Instead he grew up in Britain until he was 16.  He was then captured and sent to Ireland to work as a slave.  After escaping and leaving the country, he returned years later to work as a cleric and missionary.

Does Half the Population of Ireland Have Red Hair?

Sadly, no.  Contrary to popular believe only about 10% of native Irish have naturally red hair.

Does Drinking Beer Give You a Belly?

According to a new study, “Beer & Calories: A Scientific Review,” released last week it does not.  This study, sponsored by the beer industry, suggests that there is no conclusive evidence that suggests beer causes weight gain.