More to Chew On: The Anti-Soda Ban

By The Chew Crew Mar 18, 2013

Most of you have heard about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed bill to ban the sale of large sodas in New York restaurants, theaters, stadiums and food cards.  The ban took aim at sweetened drinks that were larger than 16 ounces and contained more than 50 calories.  The bill was voted down, but before that happened it caused an uproar in Mississippi.
Lawmakers in the Mississippi, the most obese state in the nation, have overwhelmingly approved what they are calling the “anti-Bloomberg Bill.”  It would ban communities from requiring restaurants to post calories counts on menus or limit portion sizes. Additionally, it also forbids any local rule banning toys from being distributed with kids’ meals.  Should government determine whether a restaurant posts calorie counts on menus? Tell us what you think.