More to Chew On: One-Pot Wonders

By The Chew Crew Mar 04, 2013

No muss, no fuss. We’re serving meals that can be cooked using just one pot. Not only do these easy one-pot wonders deliver big taste and little cleanup, but they also may be the secret to trimming your waistline.

According to a recent study conducted at Cornell University, people tend to consume less when served one-pot meals like stir-fry, soup, or stew. Why, you ask? The idea behind the study is that the fewer individual food choices you’re given, the less you will eat. College students were the participants in this study, and one group was offered a buffet style dinner, while the other was served a one-pot meal. The results? The students offered the one-pot meal ate a smaller portion than those served buffet style. So why not drop a few pounds while making your weeknight dinner routine significantly simpler? Sounds like a plan to us.