More to Chew On: Beginning Baking

By The Chew Crew Mar 05, 2013

Beginner bakers, sign up for Carla’s baking crash course to learn everything you will need to get started in the kitchen. Here, are Carla’s three golden rules:

1. Start Small: Start with a recipe that’s simple and only has a few ingredients. If you attempt to bake something over-the-top and complicated, then you will probably end up frustrated. Try a more manageable recipe for first time success.

2. Don't Peek: Once you put your baked good in the oven, refrain from opening the oven door! Hot air will escape, therefore, ruining the cook time. Rather, be patient and wait until the timer goes off before you check your pastry’s doneness.

3. Keep it Cool: When you’re done baking, let your confection sit. If you cut into a cake too soon, it will fall apart. Again, patience is key, and it will make the final result worth the wait.