More to Chew On: Make a Grocery List

By The Chew Crew Mar 08, 2013

Groceries are expensive.  In fact, the average American family spends $105 a week.  Here are The Chew we want to cut your grocery bills.
One thing to remember before you go to the market is to make a list.  According to a survey from Synovate Research a third of Americans don’t make a list before going to the store.  As a result they overspend.
We suggest making a plan for the week of the meals you want to make and creating a grocery list accordingly.  This will prevent you from splurging on items that you don’t need and won’t use and will save you a bundle.
Another good thing to keep in mind is that men are thriftier than women when shopping for groceries.  According to an ESPN survey when both men and women went to the store with same list women spend $44.43 per trip, while men spend $34.81.  The catch is the men are more likely to forget items that they were supposed to get.