More to Chew On: Grill Buying Guide

By The Chew Crew Apr 11, 2013

Americans love to grill.  In fact, 95% of grill owners say they grill dinner at least once a week.  From that group 57% of grill owners say they grill all year round – no matter how cold it is!

If you’re interested in grilling one thing you’ll need is a good grill.  Before you go out and spend a bundle on this essential cooking item take a look at our buying guide.

Good in With a Plan

There are literally hundreds of new grills that hit the market every year, so before you start looking spend some time getting an idea of the size and type of grill that will work for you and your general budget before stepping into the store.

Mind Your Metal

It’s important to keep an eye on what materials the entire grill is made out of.  Stainless steel is the preferred material of professional cooking equipment and is usually more expensive. You should watch out for cheap stainless steel that is sometimes mixed with other, lesser, metals.  When you start shopping take a magnet with you. If it sticks to the grill, that’s no high-quality stainless steel.

Size Matters

If you’re going to host large backyard shindigs, bigger is better. If you’re cooking for just your family, you can get away with a smaller grill.  So, think about your needs before purchasing a grill.

Pass on the Extras

Unless you really intend on using them the extras just run up the cost of the grill. Multiple level cooking surfaces, a rotisserie burner and lights will run up the cost of your grill and generally just gather dust in your closet.