More to Chew On: Missing Salt Shakers

By The Chew Crew Apr 16, 2013

With Summer right around the corner, everyone seems to have weight loss on the brain! One of the culprits of weight gain is believed to be sodium.

In an effort to reduce the amount of salt in restaurant food, a new campaign in Mexico is encouraging restaurants to leave the salt shakers off the table. Who’s behind this campaign? The Mexico City Health Department launched the campaign “Less Salt, More Health” to combat the rising obesity epidemic in Mexico.

It is estimated that Mexicans consume 4,400 mg of sodium daily, which is nearly 3 times the recommended amount! For this reason, The Mexico City Health Department is working to remove salt shakers from dining tables in restaurants, and only provide extra salt if the patron asks for it.

We want to hear what you think about this salty issue! Should restaurants in the United States automatically remove salt shakers from their tables, too?