More to Chew On: Sugar Highs

By The Chew Crew Apr 17, 2013

Ever warned that too much sugar would lead to a sugar high? Did mom fear hyper children bouncing off the walls after consuming delicious, sugary treats? Well, we may have just found an excuse to bring on the sugar. Sugar highs are just a myth!

According to a study conducted by Duke University, sugar has no effect on mood swings or hyperactivity. Better news? The participants were on calorie-controlled high-sugar and no-sugar diets, and the two groups lost an equal amount of weight. Rather than associating the rush or high with sugar, the study proposes that a “sugar high” is the result of stimulants in treats, such as the caffeine in chocolate.

Are you buying these findings, or are you still convinced sugar is to blame? We suggest thinking it over while enjoying an extra large ice cream sundae.