More to Chew On: Fast Food Wine Pairings

By The Chew Crew Apr 29, 2013

When you’re in a pinch for a quick and cheap meal many turn to the fast food option.  Let’s add a little class.  Zagat recently released a list pairing some of America’s fast food favorites with the perfect glass of wine to match.  Check out some of their recommendations
McDonald’s French Fries Paired with Riesling
The sweet Riesling plays off the salt and fat of America’s favorite fries.
KFC Fried Chicken Paired with Cote du Rhone
The clean and crispy Cote du Rhone can stand up to the Colonel’s secret combination of herbs and spices.
Taco Bell Chessy Gordita Crunch Paired with Rioja
The big and bold Spanish red Roija matched the explosion of flavor and spices found in the Gordita.