More to Chew On: Living Together Before Marriage

By The Chew Crew May 06, 2013

How you feel about move in with your partner before marriage?  In a somewhat personal chat Michael talked about how he and Lizzie lived together and owned a house together before they got married. They eventually got married because of pressure from their parents , but felt completely committed before they made it official.  
On the other hand, if the couple wants to get married, Daphne and Carla believe that they should tight the knot first.  Living together can help you build a stronger bond.
Mario and Clinton think that it’s more of a grey area and specific to the couple.  Clinton thinks you need to see how the other person lives before deciding whether or not to spend the rest of your lives together.  While Mario feels it’s about what’s right for a certain couple. There’s no right or wrong answer.
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