More to Chew On: Food Photos

By The Chew Crew May 22, 2013

It’s undeniable, when people are on their cell phones in restaurants it can be very annoying.  We asked The Chew crew when it’s appropriate to photograph food in restaurants.

Many owners are against this practice, but it doesn’t bother Mario. As long as you’re not disrupting other customers, he says then go ahead and take a photo since you did pay for the dish. 

Michael doesn’t have a problem with this either.  In fact, he always plans to take pictures, but the food is always gone by the time he remembers to take the picture.

This sentiment was reiterated by Daphne, Yvette and Carla.  Daphne takes tons of pictures of food, as does Carla.  Carla shares many of hers on Instagram with her fans.  They love it and she loves to share.

Do you take pictures of your dishes?