More to Chew On: Sandwich Toppings

By The Chew Crew Aug 12, 2013

Ever wonder how many sandwiches the average person eats in her lifetime? Over 15,000! With your favorite ingredients atop two slices of bread, the sandwich is one of the most versatile dishes out there. While bread, protein, and dressing are the usual starring players, one extra ingredient can take your sandwich to the next level.  Here, are the co-hosts selections for extra special sandwich toppings:

Michael: Aardvark Hot Sauce

Clinton: Sauteed Onions

Daphne: Chipotle Mayo

Mario: Spicy Red Horseradish or Pickled Jalapenos

Carla: Chow Chow Pickles            

What are your picks for all-star sandwich toppings?