More to Chew On: Summer Camps

By The Chew Crew Jun 05, 2013

Summer is here and that means it’s time for camp!  Instead of sending your kids off to the traditional day try one of these niche camps.
Hollywood Stunt Camp

This camp is for the daredevil in your family.  Kids learn from industry professionals how to perform real movie stunts like fight scene choreography and jumping off buildings.  It does come at a price though – just 2 weeks costs $3,445.
Camp Carathir
This one is a “role-play fantasy camp for adults, older teens and families.”  While at Carathir, you will have the opportunity to “defeat the bandit chief and take his helm.”  If you’re into role-playing this is the camp for you.  This camp costs $684 per person.
Fiji Shark Camp
If almost getting eaten by sharks is your thing, than Fiji Shark Camp is a great way to spend your summer vacation. This month-long adventure allows kids to spend time diving with sharks.  All this adventure does come at a high price – it’s $5,490 for 24 days in Fiji.