More to Chew On: What Do Your Fave Pizza Toppings Say About You?

By The Chew Crew Jun 07, 2013

The most important part of the pizza is the toppings.  Whether you pick something meat heavy or stick with the veggies your choices can really change the basic pie.  According to a new poll from the Smell & Taste Research Center of about a thousand people your pizza topping choices actually reveal something about your personality.   
Veggie: According to the poll, veggie lovers are trustworthy and loyal. But you might be taken for granted in relationships.
Multiple Meats: Those who indulge in multiple meats on their pizza are dramatic and desperate to be the center of attention.
Non-traditional Toppings (i.e. pineapple or anchovies): If you favor these toppings than you’re aggressive and ambitious.  You also tend to be the most exciting in the bedroom.