More to Chew On: Father's Day

By The Chew Crew Jun 14, 2013

Father’s Day is this weekend and that got us thinking about our dads.  We asked the co-hosts what is the best piece of advice they’ve ever gotten from your dad is? Some of their answers might surprise you.
Clinton: If you want something, you better work for it because nobody is going to give it to you.
Mario: Keep your head down and stay in the game.
Michael: Never let anyone out-work you.
Carla: Your Word is your bond.
Whether your dad is a great advice giver or just a great guy find a way to show him you care this weekend.  Maybe with a mancave makeover?
Love the look of our Father's Day Mancave Makeover? Special thanks to Hailey Development Group LLC. Check out more of their work at: