More to Chew On: 4th of July View Questions Answered

  • By The Chew Crew
July 4th is almost here and our viewers are gearing up for their celebrations.  A few of them had some concerns, so the crew weighed in on the best way to deal w them.
Question from Jen L: I host a 4th of July grill-out every year and every year, a different item goes from my home.  Last year it was a pair of earrings!  Do I have to put signs at my house that say “DON’T STEAL?”
Answer: The hosts agree that she should set traps to try to catch the thief.  Maybe even, put GPS on the valuables.  Clinton likes to put marbles in his medicine cabinet, so they fall out if someone tries to see his medication.
If none of that works Carla says suggests getting new friends!
Question from Jack M: Is it un-American to have a 4th of July party with takeout instead of barbecue?
Answer: Don’t be lazy! Cook!
Question from Evelyn R: My husband’s friend always comes to our 4th of July party and brings fireworks.  I HATE it and they make me nervous!  … Am I being a nervous Nancy?
Answer: Michael feels that Evelyn needs to relax. 

On the other hand, Daphne cautions that if a kid gets hurt she could be sued, so be careful with the fireworks.

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