More to Chew On: Your Questions Answered!

By The Chew Crew Jul 09, 2013

Every once and a while a nice dinner out is great.  You get all dressed up, put your best manners on display and have a fun and dapper dinner.  However, some of our viewers have had a few issues getting their friends, kids and even husbands to play the part.  Check out some of their questions and our solutions.
Jennifer M: My husband never likes to dress up when we go out to dinner. Sometimes a girl just wants to look fancy for no occasion! Hubby needs to get with it.
Answer:  Daphne agreed - yes, Jennifer’s husband needs to get with it.  She suggests setting out an outfit for her husband making it easy for him.
Michael agreed and feels that men or women should look nice for significant other if it is important to them.  He appreciates when Lizzie dresses up, so he reciprocates.
Janice S: My friend’s kids have the WORST manners. They’re always fighting and cursing at the dinner table. She doesn’t stop them.  Is it wrong for me to talk some sense into these kids?
Answer:  When dealing with other people’s kids things can get tricky.  Michael feels if it’s a niece or nephew, then it’s okay.
This reminded Mario of a time when his kids were told to behave.  At a fancy hotel Marc Jacobs shushed Mario’s kids for playing football in a hallway, and they’ve been quiet ever since.