More to Chew On: Carla's Backwards Menu

By The Chew Crew Jul 11, 2013

Dinner and a movie are to things that truly belong together.  So, last night Carla went to one of the best places to enjoy both of those things in New York -Nitehawk Cinema!  Nitehawk Cinema is a dine-in theater where you can watch a movie and eat a delicious dinner at the same time.

She stopped by to participate in their Film Feast program.  The Film Feast is a special series that features guest chefs who create a gourmet tasting menu inspired by an influential film of the chef’s choosing.

Carla prepared a 5 course menu that featured delicious food like a hot fried chicken salad, squid ink linguine and a strawberry shortcake cocktail to compliment the thriller Mememto!