More to Chew On: 3 Bizarre International Eats

By The Chew Chew Jul 16, 2013

Across the pond and beyond people are serving up some bizarre street eats.
Bagged Soda
In Thailand when you want a soda to go, just grab a bag. Vendors sell the soda in bags with ice so they can return the bottles to the manufacturer.
Starfish on a Stick
In China you can find starfish at many street vendors. The ocean critters are boiled to order and served on a stick.
Fried Tarantula
In Cambodia a common street delicacy is fried tarantula. The spiders are deep fried in oil with garlic and then dipped in lime juice and pepper sauce.
What do you think?  Would you eat tarantula?  Or drink your soda from a bag? Tell us!