Viewer Questions: Your Dessert Conundrums Answered

By The Chew Chrew Jul 19, 2013

You asked and we answered.  The hosts tackle your toughest dessert questions.
Meredith G: A lot of people say it, but I actually do it… I eat dessert first when I’m at a restaurant. Should I be embarrassed?
Answer: Nope! Don’t be embarrassed do whatever you like!
April K: My daughter’s elementary school recently banned bake sales because they are “dangerous.” Isn’t it a little extreme when a 9 year old can’t sell cupcakes to raise money for her soccer team?

Answer: With food allergies running being so prevalent, it is life threatening.  Michael has a nephew with a peanut allergy who responsibly asks before he eats.  It is still dangerous for kids like Michael’s nephew though.
Our crew things that it shouldn’t be banned completely, the schools just need to set rules.
Callie T: When my kids get some sugar in them, my house becomes a warzone! It just becomes too much. Will my kids hate me forever if I stop giving them sweets?
Answer: Yes! Life is about moderation. Teach your kids that rather than riding your household of sweets.