More to Chew On: 3 Worst BBQ Gadgets ever

By The Chew Crew Jul 22, 2013

There’s a lot of gadgetry out there and here at The Chew we want to help wade through the lot. Check out these gadgets that might possibly be the worst BBQ gadgets of all time!
The Golden Grill
This grill is made purely for the opulent snob.  For a mere $164,000 you can have a gold-plated BBQ grill that will be sure to ostracize all of your friends.
We’ll stick with the simple and practical for our grilling needs.
So, you’re going to a BBQ and you’re bringing a fresh summer watermelon, but man are those things heavy.  Instead of breaking your back try the tama chan, which is basically a refrigerated stroller for watermelons.  Or you could just use your arms.
Marshmallow Mazooka
There’s no better way to end a BBQ than with an ooey and gooey s’more, but apparently some people want a little more fire power with their campfire dessert.  For those people there is the mazooka.  This air-powder monstrosity can expel a large marshmallow 40 feet! 

Don’t play with your s’more, just eat it.  It’s delicious.