More to Chew On: Breakfast Must Have Sides

By The Chew Crew Jul 25, 2013

Nothing starts the day of better than a deliciously filling breakfast.  Whether you like the sweet stuff or something more savory there are a couple of things that everyone can agree should be on the table.


Whether you like it hot or cold we can all agree that at least one cup is necessary first thing in the morning.

Bloody Mary

No brunch celebration would be complete without a spicy Bloody Mary to wash down all those tasty sides.

Hash Browns

These tasty potatoes are great on their own or when they are paired with some hearty eggs, a slice of meat or even (if you're feeling a real starch craving) a stack of pancakes.


Whether you like it candied, smoked or just plain bacon is an essential side on any breakfast table.


A healthy assortment of jams, syrup, butter, and all kinds of breakfast pastry are also good to include in your spread.