More to Chew On: Cool Off With These 3 Drinks

By The Chew Crew Jul 29, 2013

It’s finally reached the dog days of summer and here at The Chew we are feeling the heat.  Instead of melting with your daily cup of Joe try one of our refreshing summer drinks.
Clinton’s Strawberry Sage Lemonade

Not all lemonades are created equal and this is simply delicious.  It take just minutes to make and is sure to quench your thirst and please your taste buds.

Recipe: Clinton’s Strawberry Sage Lemonade

Cucumber Basil Refresher

Cucumber really is one of the most refreshing additions to a cocktail.  On a hot summer day give it a try for yourself!
Recipe: Cucumber Basil Refresher

Clinton's Watermelon Margarita

Clinton’s Watermelon Margarita

This is really the best time of the year to make this tasty cocktail - and we spend the rest of the year craving it!  The lime syrup and fresh watermelon are simply the best way to beat the heat.
Recipe: Clinton’s Watermelon Margarita