More to Chew On: Outrageous Picnic Gardgets

By The Chew Crew Aug 01, 2013

The Chew Crew found the hottest gadgets on the market for you to bring along on your next picnic:

1. Wine Purse

Tote your bottle of sparkling rose in a handy wine carrier for a mere $45. And while you’re at it, no need to compromise your style -- a leopard print clutch can safely carry one bottle of wine or champagne along with a corkscrew.

2. Tropic Chillerz By Buzz Ballz

Here’s the simplest way to enjoy a cocktail without lugging the basic bar goodies. These ready-to-drink cocktails come in unbreakable, recyclable plastic cups that can be chilled or frozen. Available in 11 different varieties, these no-fuss party drinks are sold in a case of 24 for $50. Bonus: these little babies float when tossed in water!

3. Robo Fork

Struggling to evenly cook your picnic hotdogs? This convenient tool rotates 360 degrees while cooking to ensure a perfectly cooked dog every time. Could it get any better? Actually, yes! These clever forks come equipped with a built-in flashlight for nighttime grilling. Get ready to enjoy these dogs around the clock.