More to Chew On: Last Bites From Around the Country

By The Chew Crew Oct 19, 2012

Today we're focused on the best thing that ever happend to lunch, the sandwich.  Check out all the sandwich news that's fit to print.

How much do you think you spend on lunch a year?  According to  two thirds of employed Americans spend at least $2,000 eating out for lunch.  By bringing lunch from home, you can save over $1,000, cutting your yearly lunch expenses in half.  Men are the real sandwich spendthrifts, paying $46.50 each week for lunch, while women spend just $26.50.   

If you're going to have a sandwich there are many decisions you need to make.  First off what condiments are should you use?  In a recent Food Network Magazine survey, mayo beat mustard, but both was the clear winner at 48%.  Then you must decide what lunchmeat to put in it.  The same survey named Turkey the favorite at 37% of the total vote.

Finally, you've heard of the hit TV show, but this C.S.I. is all about Club Sandwiches.  The C.S.I. was created as a quirky way of measuring the cost of living around the world.  According to a survey by, the average price of a club sandwich is most expensive in Paris: a whopping $33.  In Geneva, Switzerland it's $32, in Oslo, Norway it's $30, and in Rome, Italy it's $24. The U.S. came in 15th, averaging $17 a Club.