More to Chew On: Last Bites From Around the Country

By The Chew Crew Oct 04, 2012

Here at The Chew we are big supporters of family dinners so break out the platters because today we’re celebrating all our favorite family dishes.   

Family meals are important, not just to us, but for your family also.  According to Columbia University, 57% of families have dinner together at least five times a week.  The study reported that teens who ate with their family at least five times a week are less stressed, happier and less likely to get into trouble. 

 In other food news Michelle Obama and Ann Romney squared off in the cookie bake-off.  Since 1992, Family Circle magazine has held a cookie contest between the incumbent First Lady and the opposing candidate's spouse. Amazingly, these cookie contests have nailed the general election results in four of the last five elections. About 9,000 people voted after baking both types of cookies at home to taste test them.  According the magazine, it was a close race, and Michelle won by only 297 votes with her White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies over Anne’s M&M cookies!