More to Chew On: Last Bites From Around the Country

By The Chew Crew Oct 05, 2012

Today we’re celebrating healthy food that keeps you slim.  Don’t worry it’s not as bad as you think. 

According to new research from UC San Diego chocolate lovers are thinner.  The study looked at 1,000 healthy people and found the body mass index of those who ate dark chocolate five times a week was lower than those who did not eat it regularly.  So break out that decadent dark chocolate.

In other news apparently Americans would give up a lot to be thin.  A new survey of over 1,000 people found that over half of Americans would give up watching TV and shopping in exchange for a flat stomach.  Even more than that, 42% would give up their cell phone, 36% would give up their computer and 21% of Americans would give up sex in exchange for lean stomach.  What would you give up?