More to Chew On: Skillet 101

By The Chew Crew Mar 12, 2013

You’ve got so many pots and pans in your cabinets it’s hard to know which ones to use when making dinner.  We’ve got the answer here with Michael’s skillet breakdown.




Best For


Stainless Steel


-Available in all price ranges

-Food sticks to it

-Difficult to clean

Basic dishes (sautéing, searing)



-Efficient heat conductor

-Cooks food evenly


-Gives acidic food a metallic taste

-Requires maintenance


Specialized dishes

(Risotto, béarnaise sauce)



-Great for beginner cooks

-Easy to clean

-Scratches easily

-Not durable

Delicate dishes

(fish, eggs, pancakes)


Cast Iron

-Durable & versatile

-Cooks food evenly

-Maintains heat well



-Heats up slowly

-Rusts easily


All dishes

(fried food, searing, braises, cakes, breads)