Small Bites from Around the Country: May 14

By ABC May 14, 2012

We hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day and that you made one of our delicious meals for your mom!
We’re all familiar with Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, and Julia Child, but have you heard of Florence Lin, Marion Cunningham or Maida Heatter? These mothers of modern American cuisine greatly influenced our taste buds by bringing Chinese into the home kitchen and whipping up Dutch desserts. You might be surprised at how much your palate has been influenced by these great women. Read more here.
Is store-bought spaghetti sauce the secret to discovering happiness? This fabulous history of supermarket favorites Ragu and Prego might just reveal something about your innermost self! Seriously. Check it out here.
Rare and beautiful calico lobster saved from being boiled! Check out the weird creature here.
How was your weekend, fellas? Apparently women are most “in the mood for love” at 11pm on Saturday nights. That’s what this survey says at least. Find out why here.
If you want to avoid going to the drug store for all your remedies, here are some foods in your fridge that heal – like olives for sugar headaches, ginger for allergies and yogurt for bad skin. Watch and learn here.