Small Bites from Around the Country: May 25

By ABC May 28, 2012

Our Coast to Coast Week wraps up today and we’re exhausted after traveling all around this great nation of ours. Today we’re celebrating the fabulous Midwest – America’s heartland.

There’s always a battle between New York and Chicago pizzas. Are you a thin crust or deep dish sort of person? Read more about the age-old controversy here.

And here’s some other food news we’re reading from around the country:

Los Angeles has voted to ban plastic bags at supermarkets. You’ll either have to bring your own reusable bags or pay 10 cents per paper bag. It’s a big win for environmentalists. What do you think? Should plastic bags be banned in your town? More at the LA Times.

Did you know that ketchup used to be alcoholic? Even more reason to slather it on our burgers, hot dogs, and fries. The Smithsonian details the curious history of ketchup.

Speaking of ketchup (and aren’t we always?) the fine folks at MIT have developed a new technology for ketchup containers that will get every last drop out of the bottle and onto your food. It’s called “Liquiglide” and promises to CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!

If you are traveling through China, beware fake pig ears.

Here are some suggestions for eating sexy. And by sexy we mean these are libido-boosting foods!

A 9-year old’s food blog about her school cafeteria (and the withering reviews she posted) has forced her school district to reconsider their lunch menus. Even Jamie Oliver is a fan. Go girl! Read all about it here.