Small Bites from Around the Country: May 30

By ABC May 30, 2012

It’s been a lovely weekend full of BBQs and margaritas but now we’re back to the grind. Here’s some of what we’re checking out at The Chew.

The world’s most expensive hamburger is on sale for the reasonable price of  $295 at a New York restaurant. It comes with a diamond encrusted toothpick so obviously it’s worth the money. Find out more about it here.

For those looking to spend a little less on their summertime treats, perhaps rhubarb is your way to go. Here are some lovely ways to bring the plant into your kitchen and table.

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, has a new book out on the White House vegetable garden.

And speaking of the Obamas, here’s a look into their dietary lifestyle. Do you measure up?

We all love salt, but how about salt harvested from human tears? Think it tastes better? Some do.

Finally, are your BBQs safe? NY Senator Chuck Schumer wants to make sure you are eating as healthy as possible.