Small Bites from Around the Country: June 11

By ABC Aug 04, 2014

Happy Monday, everyone! Did the weekend really go that fast? Here are a few items of interest to get your week started:

Did you know we spend less on our groceries than we did 30 years ago?  And not only that, but what we spend our cash on has also changed. More from Planet Money.

Eatocracy has 5 rules on how to pair wine and cheeses. In a summer of parties and events, this information is clearly vital.

As you may know from standing in a supermarket checkout line, Drew Barrymore got married. As you may not know, she has her own new brand of wines (which she served at the wedding, natch.)

Humorist A.J. Jacobs wants to find out “How Not to Become the Healthiest Person Alive.” Check out his musings and some surprising answers at The Atlantic.

“Like his previous books, Jacob's fixation does make an important point: that zealotry, whether in health, religion, or acquiring mindless facts, is not only ridiculous at times, it also can push people to go from the reasonable to the extreme - those that in the current project he refers to as ‘health fundamentalists.’”

Are you a Greek yogurt fan? Daphne Oz sure is. But are you eating the right kind of Greek yogurt? Find out here.