Small Bites from Around the Country: June 13

By ABC Jun 13, 2012

It’s hump day and we’re a little tired but still can’t keep ourselves from reading food news from around the country. Here’s what’s on our computer screens today:

Looking to make your grocery dollars stretch a little farther? Who isn’t these days? The Atlantic says it’s OK to keep some of your groceries a few days past the expiration date. How long is up to you, but apparently a couple of days won’t do much harm. Read more details here.

Do you use sugar substitutes? They’ve long been accused of being unhealthy. Today, the NY Times sorts out the fact from the fiction and makes some recommendations about the best ones to pick.

Everyone loves a cleanse these days, but there are some things to be careful about. Not all cleanses are created equal says the LA Times in this piece warns of the dangers of extreme dieting.

Speaking of dieting, those low-carb fad diets are definitely not good for you new research suggests.

Some of the patron saints of chefs were found to have defrauded London’s legendary Savoy hotel of bucket loads of money. If you like your chefs old, and pre-20th Century, this story is for you! Actually, it’s kind of a blast.

Are you one of those sad folks (like this blog writer) without a backyard or deck to grill on? Gothamist has tips for the urban griller lacking means but not dreams here.

And since we’re on the topic of New York, Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed big soda ban is finding more supporters than opponents in city hearings. The latest on the controversial legislation from WNYC.

Do you brush your teeth regularly? Well, you should. And now there’s new research that shows poor brushing habits can lead to early cancer and more! The Daily Mail (admittedly the source of some so-so science reporting over the years) says you could die up to 13 years earlier if you don’t keep your pearly whites pearly white. So get out those brushes, folks.