Small Bites from Around the Country: June 14

By ABC Jun 14, 2012

Happy Thursday! Here are some of the items passing across our desks at The Chew today.

Is the Pimm’s Cup the official drink of summer? Some say it is. Do you agree? Have you ever had a Pimm’s Cup?

Going camping this weekend? Here are scientific tips on toasting the perfect marshmallow.

Are plastic gloves really that necessary in the kitchen? This Washington Post writer seems to think its time to “take the gloves off.”

Do women care about the environment more than men? The LA Times suggests that women are greener than men – what do you think?

New studies suggest that healthy women shouldn’t take Vitamin D or Calcium supplements. The details from the NY Times.

Some ideas for making your homemade cocktails taste like those prepared by professional bartenders (or “mixologists” if you prefer). Hint: Bitters!

Author Sandor Katz
stops by Fresh Air to discuss “The Art of Fermentation”. That means, they’re talking about the time between when food goes past its expiration date but hasn’t yet gone rotten. Lots of interesting info for those who hate cleaning out their fridges.

Today in Op-Eds: The NY Times on Food Stamps and the Farm Bill.

Dreams do come true: Pizza vending machine cleared for US launch.

The battle over soda in New York City continues. Today, soda – tomorrow popcorn? Will movie-going ever be the same? The Daily News explores the slippery slope.

Make sure to get plenty of rest – new studies suggest that when we’re sleep-deprived we’re more likely to crave junk food.

And finally, to wrap things up today, a trip inside the evil-genius minds who have taken Americans love of fried chicken and chips, and brought them together into one fabulous concoction. Details from the Wall Street Journal.