Small Bites from Around the Country: June 6

By ABC Jun 06, 2012

Here are some of the food stories we’re reading at The Chew today:

A big announcement from the White House about nutrition and youth coincides with Disney’s decision to limit advertisements for unhealthy foods to kids. A preview from the New York Times.

We’ve been talking BBQ and grilling on the show lately. Here is a cautionary tale of grill safety.

And while we’re on the topic of grilling – since it goes so well with camping - NPR details the perfect way to light a campfire.

New studies say that drinking four or more cups of tea per day limits the risk of diabetes by 20%. Details from the Daily Mail.

Also out of England (maybe we just have the Diamond Jubilee on our brains) brings the story of rogue cheese rollers. The age-old tradition of rolling wheels of cheese down hills had been banned for health and safety reasons, but that’s not stopping certain devotees.

A rumination on the history of martinis and just how much a good one should cost these days from The Awl.

Here is video of a man eating 23.5 pieces of pizza in 14 minutes in case that interests you.

People in bad moods often tell others to eat a certain something gross. Now it turns out it just might be a delicacy.

Are you someone who loves Dum Dums? Have you ever wondered just what the mystery behind the mystery flavor is? Well, now you will know.