Small Bites from Around the Country: June 7

By ABC Jun 07, 2012

Here are some of the food stories we’re reading at The Chew today:

Following Michelle Obama’s announcement about Disney’s planned reduction in advertising unhealthy foods to kids, she showed up on the David Letterman show with her “Top Ten Fun Facts About Gardening”.

Speaking of the Obamas, and since we just did a show all about beef featuring a White House chef, the President is apparently a big steak lover. Beef has become the default entrée at Presidential dinners.

The Chew’s own Mario Batali was a co-signer on an open letter to Congress about needed changes to the 2012 Farm Bill which could affect all of us.

Mario’s also continuing on his Food Stamp campaign with an article he co-wrote in the Huffington Post:

“Foods stamps support more than a family; they support entire communities and cities. Every $1 billion spent on food stamps enables 14,000 jobs, mainly in food-related industries. In New York City alone, nearly 50,000 people are able to work each year when when food stamp recipients redeem their benefits.”

Food guru Mark Bittman weighs in on the on-going soda debate in New York City. He says it’s not food an inherently bad for us:

“Sugar-sweetened beverages are nothing more than sugar delivery systems, and sugar is probably the most dangerous part of our current diet. People will argue forever about whether sugar-sweetened beverages lead directly to obesity, but Bloomberg’s ban should be framed first and foremost as an effort to reduce sugar consumption. Good.”

Read his whole opinion here.