Small Bites from Around the Country: June 8

By ABC Jun 08, 2012

We’re getting ready for a lovely Spring weekend here at The Chew, but in the meantime, here are some of the food and lifestyle stories we’ve been passing around the office. We’ve got an extra-big weekend roundup for you:

Let’s start with the good news. Could that beer belly of yours actually be beneficial to your health? Those arbiters of tabloid science, the Daily Mail, say YES!

But for those of you who aren’t interested in sporting a spare tire around your midriff, here are some tips on the best foods to eat before working out.

Chew pal Gail Monaghan shares her secrets for the perfect pie dough courtesy the Wall Street Journal.

This darling video involves a pig and some oatmeal. And it’s SO CUTE!!! That is all.

And in another video, some unlucky attendees at a Seattle party get sprayed with an miniature oilrig of booze.

Just because it’s interesting, the mystery of déjà vu may be finally explained – thanks Scientific American!

Ever wonder what happens behind-the-scenes at cooking shows? The NY Post details the work that goes into creating “America’s Test Kitchen”. They also have tips on the best way to wash your pots and pans!

Planning a trip this summer? Does that trip involve flying? If so, you might be surprised to find that our taste buds go numb and we lose 20-30% of our ability to taste when up in the clouds. The details, and what airline chefs do to rectify the matter, is explained on NPR.

The top ten ads for junk foods targeted at kids are compiled by the Amateur Gourmet.

Do you have concerns about the meat you’re grilling this summer? Here’s some tips on what all the fuss is about.

If you are interested in elderberry wine, here are some good reasons to take a sip:

“In 2009, researchers found that elderberry extracts in vitro compared favorably with Tamiflu® (a drug that is derived in part from star anise) in blocking the swine flu virus.”

Read more about it at the Smithsonian.

And that’s it for today, folks. We hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday!