More to Chew On: Last Bites From Around the Country

By The Chew Crew Sep 14, 2012

Happy Friday!  Today is a special day here at The Chew and not just because it marks the end of the first week of season 2, but also because it’s our first extra value Friday.  Every Friday for the rest of the season we’re going to bring you all the best money saving tips that will put cash back in your wallet.

Starting with a new money saving trend.  Out of paper towels? Need to pick up dinner? Grab a number and start bidding!  Many bargain hunters these days are trading supermarket aisles for the auction circuit in search of deep discounts on everything from cereal to spare ribs. Past the sell-by date? Bidders are happy to ignore that detail if they're getting a good deal.  As consumers seek relief from spiraling food prices, grocery auctions are gaining in popularity as an easy way to cut costs. The sales operate like regular auctions, but with bidders vying for dry goods and frozen foods instead of antiques and collectibles.

Every year, U.S. grocers discard $10-15 billion in unsold products. Grocery auctions are the perfect solution!  Click here to find an auction near you.

In other money saving news L.A. restaurant Eva is giving a 5% discount for patrons who checked their cell phones at the door. Cell phones often claim a spot on the table in restaurants, sitting right next to utensils, plates and glasses but this restaurant is trying to change that.  Chef Mark Gold came up with the idea after a conversation about how annoying he found it that people were constantly communicating on their mobile devices.

We asked audience if they would check their phones at the door for a discount and 77 percent of you said yes.

In other food related news Eva Longoria is launching a female-friendly, Las Vegas steak house called SHe.  As part of its mission to draw the ladies, the restaurant will focus on small plates cuisine and feature a catwalk, 3D projection mapping, cryogenic fog, and rain curtains.

Food blog Eater Vegas reports the restaurant will have a 1920s theme, while the club will have a more theatrical element to it with sexy female performers like Cirque du Soleil, on display. It’s a feminine take on a steakhouse but make no mistake about it - all sexes are welcome.  The theory is that a catwalk with gorgeous models and beautiful women indulging in small plates will turn into a real haven for men!