Food News: More to Chew On

By The Chew Crew Sep 19, 2012

Though many look back on college as one of the most fun times in their lives, it usually isn't for the food.  At Eatocracy one writer looked back at her favorite foods during college.  Most of them - ramen and generic brand instant mac and cheese - would not be palatable by her now except that they still hold such strong memories.  Take a look at some of her favorites.
Popular scotch brand Macallan is known for its artistic advertising style.  A few years ago they debuted a series called Masters of Photography which showcased their brand in an elegant and memorable way.  These days they're at it again only this time they teamed up with Annie Lebovitz.  In her artistic shots she features four different malts and the tone of each photo reflects that of the scotch.  Check them all out here
How much do you want a cookie?  Apparently two men wanted some from the Great Cookie store in Baltimore, Maryland, so badly that they stole 24 pounds of cookies.  According to the Baltimore Sun the incident took place around 1:54 am and was caught on surveillance cameras.  Find out more about the cookie bugler here.