More to Chew On: Last Bites From Around the Country

By The Chew Crew Sep 20, 2012

Today is all about the grill.  In honor of this American cooking pastime we’ve rounded up current news related to grilled food.
We’re starting with a donut burger.  Years ago Paula Deen created the first donut burger, but now it has spread particularly throughout the west coast.  California burger chain Slater’s 50/50 has just released their Sunny Side Donut Burger.  The burger includes their traditional half beef, half bacon patty, American cheese, a sunny-side-up-egg sandwiched between two giant glazed donuts for $9.95.  It will be served during breakfast hours, from 9AM-12PM on football weekends, and will certainly impress your fellow tailgaters.
If you ask us, it’s really what goes between the bread that counts.  Just recently Grey Poupon asked, do you ‘cut the mustard’ on Facebook?  Grey Poupon, riffing off its "Spread Good Taste" campaign, has taken to Facebook to judge its customers.  Fans of the brand are asked to apply for membership to “The Society of Good Taste” on the Grey Poupon Facebook page, where an algorithm will then determine whether or not they 'cut the mustard.’  The Facebook app scans through a user’s past, ranking them based on their proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant check-ins, favorite books, and movie selections.  At that point, you are either accepted or denied membership to “The Society of Good Taste.”  After becoming a member, here is the first thing they tell you: “The first rule of the society is to never talk about The Society with your mouth full.”  This might be a problem for The Chew crew.
Nothing goes with a juicy just-grilled burger quite like a frosty beer.  American beer giant Budweiser is going local. Soon they will release three of six limited edition beers that will be named for the zip codes they were created in.  Last year small craft brewers submitted their recipes to the company and a total of six were chosen.  So, if you want to drink local but still want a Bud, this beer is perfect for you.  Find out more about them here.