More to Chew On: Last Bites From Around the Country

By The Chew Crew Sep 26, 2012

Today it’s all about breakfast- breakfast foods, breakfast gadgets and even breakfast-inspired clothing.

According to experts, a worldwide bacon shortage is coming.  These experts call the pork shortage “unavoidable” and the United Kingdom’s National Pig Association is predicting that pork will get pricier. Feed costs have increased due, in part, to the Midwest’s draught this summer.  Because of a decrease in affordable soy and corn there was a worldwide decline in the size of herds. The USDA forecasted next year's pork production at 23 billion pounds, a decrease of about 1.3 percent from this year's estimated total.
Read more about it here and start stocking up!
These days people don’t just enjoy eating bacon they also enjoy wearing it.  The Huffington post pulled together a collection of some of the strangest things that were made out bacon.  Take a look and decide if these were a mistake.
As much as we love breakfast here at The Chew, we have a few issues with the popular meal.  These gadgets aim to fix all those problems.
Problem 1: Soggy Cereal
The Obol makes every bite of cereal crispy.  The spiral design makes it possible to enjoy it to the last bite because it separates the cereal from the milk.  Plus, it only costs $19.99.
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Problem 2: Breakfast on the Go Makes a Mess
Not all of us have time to sit down to a nice family breakfast and are forced to eat on the go.  If you’ve tried to eat in your car you know how easy it is to end up with crumbs everywhere.  The Automobile Swivel Tray is just the thing for you.  It costs $11.95.
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Problem 3: Bad or Wrong Coffee
Are you sick and tired of drinking bad coffee or getting the wrong coffee order from your favorite spot?  The Fingerprint Recognizing Espresso Machine is a great gadget for you.  The machine scans your fingertip to identify and make your preferred coffee drink. Simply program the drink, amount of coffee, and strength – the machine will make the specified drink every time you scan your finger.  This pricey gadget costs $3,200.
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Finally, we've got one health-related note for you.  Forget apples for breakfast - instead have a banana.  Various studies have found that bananas help reduce your risk of a number of conditions including anemia, depression, high blood pressure, constipation and even stroke.