Hand-Held Eats For When You're On The Go

By Ellie Sher Jul 24, 2013

Need a hand? Pick up one of these tasty hand-held dishes for when you’re on the go.

1. Buffalo Chicken in Waffle Cones

Waffle cones aren’t just for ice cream anymore. A close cousin to a taco shell or a sandwich wrap, this crispy cone contains spicy buffalo chicken nuggets and a creamy celery-blue cheese slaw – ideal for dining while dashing.

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2. Jamaican Chicken Stuffed Pastries

Closely related to a fruit hand pie, these homemade pastries go the savory route when stuffed with Jamaican chicken that’s not for the weak of heart.

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3. Pork Souvlaki Skewers

Tender pork chunks are conveniently threaded onto skewers and served with a handful of irresistible French fries in a neat to-go pouch.

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4. Meatball Lollipops

Spaghetti’s soul mate is now flying solo on these handy Popsicle sticks. A lightly fried shell gives way to a juicy meatball that’s lightly seasoned with fresh herbs and breadcrumbs. Wondering how many bites it takes to get to the center? We promise it’s not many.

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5. Veggie-Topped Hot Dogs

The classic ballpark frank gets a well-deserved face lift. This mighty dog is built to steal the show when topped with an assortment of zippy pickled vegetables, a drizzle of spicy ketchup sauce, jalapeno slices and fresh mint. Now that’s a mouthful.

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